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Date: Thu 24 Oct 2002 - 03:14:54 GMT

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    > >Phil
    > >Isn't Deep Blue just a souped-up main-frame having a bunch of pentium
    > >as nodes together computing in parallel?
    > >
    > >Bruce
    > >Yes. But Gary Casparov said that "Deep Blue could think", and apart from
    > >being a pretty smart bloke, World Chess Master and all that, I think it
    > >a judgement call he was in a good position to make. I have always
    > >that the Turing test was inappropriate as it assumed AI would be a mirror
    > >of human intelligence.
    > >
    > >Unfortunately I will be away for a couple of days on business. I will
    > >forward to continuing the debate when I get back.
    > >
    > >Regards,
    > >
    > >Bruce Howlett
    > Bruce,
    > I have read since the match between Deep Blue and Kasparov it was revealed
    > that the Deep Blue's programmer was adjusting the program during the
    > That may have given Kasparov the impression it was Deep Blue that was
    > thinking. My impression is that the programmer was the only one doing any
    > thinking. Since what a computer does is something planned and
    > like a puppeteer pulling Pinochio's strings, by a programmer, I can't
    > call what it does "thinking."
    > Cheers,
    > Grant

    For those of you interested here is some background info on Deep Blue. I get the impression Deep Blue's intelligence may be classified as autistic at best: being exceedingly good at one particular task (playing chess) and vanishingly poor at the rest.

    Here are some informative links:


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