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From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Wed 23 Oct 2002 - 14:54:41 GMT

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    >Isn't Deep Blue just a souped-up main-frame having a bunch of pentium IIIs
    >as nodes together computing in parallel?
    >Yes. But Gary Casparov said that "Deep Blue could think", and apart from
    >being a pretty smart bloke, World Chess Master and all that, I think it was
    >a judgement call he was in a good position to make. I have always thought
    >that the Turing test was inappropriate as it assumed AI would be a mirror
    >of human intelligence.
    >Unfortunately I will be away for a couple of days on business. I will look
    >forward to continuing the debate when I get back.
    >Bruce Howlett


    I have read since the match between Deep Blue and Kasparov it was revealed that the Deep Blue's programmer was adjusting the program during the match. That may have given Kasparov the impression it was Deep Blue that was thinking. My impression is that the programmer was the only one doing any thinking. Since what a computer does is something planned and manipulated, like a puppeteer pulling Pinochio's strings, by a programmer, I can't really call what it does "thinking."



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