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Date: Mon 21 Oct 2002 - 19:32:54 GMT

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    > Considering that anthropologists have not yet come up with a standard
    > definition of culture, don't hold your breath. ;-)
    > OTOH, I think that the differences about the definition of memes are
    > more philosophical than scientific. I think that most memes pass the
    > Stewart test. We may not be able to define them, but we know them when
    > we see them. Memes can be identified in the same way by people holding
    > different definitions. For instance, the phrase, "Give me a break!"
    > identifies a meme. Some people may define that meme as the behavioral
    > expression of the phrase, others may define it as a neural structure in
    > the brain, others may use other definitions, but they can all still
    > agree that the phrase identifies a meme, and can informally say that
    > "Give me a break!" is a meme.
    > This kind of agreement exists not just at the level of identifiers, but
    > at the level of phenomena. Memetics can ignore neither the external nor
    > the internal aspects of a meme, regardless of how it is defined. When
    > you get down to brass tacks, a thorough scientific study of, say, "Give
    > me a break!" will cover the same phenomena, regardless of how it is
    > defined.
    > What I would like to see is less talk about definitions and more talk
    > about memes. :-)

    Can 't agree more ! That is the spirit !


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