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Date: Mon 21 Oct 2002 - 18:46:12 GMT

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    > > > It would negate the meaning of the word "transaction."
    > >
    > >But is that necessary to conduct an inquiry into memetics, considering
    > >the fact, like I posted, about hikikomori !?
    > >If all these kids were to be living in isolation how did the behavior
    > >spread_
    > >if not by kicking their own a... !?
    > >How can a transaction take place between isolated islands of frustrated
    > >kids
    > >!?
    > >Considering the fact that all the parents didn 't said anything about the
    > >condition wherein their kids were living !

    > Do you think that other kids indulging in this behavior had never been
    > talked about in the presence of these kids either at school by their peers
    > or in the newspapers or on TV? I would say by word of mouth from peers
    > would be the most logical method of transmission.

    I don 't know Grant, knowing a little bit about Japanese customs I would say, no, what you mention would not be the most logical method of trans- mission !

    In Japanese society failure is a taboo, and that is one side of the picture. The second part is the parental consideration that the kids his or hers isolation has to be kept secret.

    Even it were to be true that the way of transmission is the only one, still kids fear meeting strangers and are petrified if those would find out they were ill !

    I don 't know, but can this be a pathomeme, one of the worst kind we ever could met !? Is this, would this be an example of a memetic disease !? A kind of way by which memes secure their own survival !? Afterall, a total mental breakdown of the kids would mean death of the memes, no !?

    Just a suggestion though !



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