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From: Van oost Kenneth (
Date: Sun 20 Oct 2002 - 20:07:26 GMT

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    > > From: <>
    I wrote,
    > > Ok Joe, this sounds right to me, just one question !
    > > What makes a pattern or whatever similar so that one is excitated by
    > > performing it and another by observing it !?
    > >
    > > What is in the meme that makes it in both occasions transferable, out
    > > of the brain and absorb by the other !?
    > >
    > That is the memetic part; the part that manages to make a behavior not
    > just interesting to perceive, but also to attempt to perform.

    Ok, I got that ! But the fact remains, what is that part !? What is the part within the choreography that brings out the best in the dancer !? In a sense we can 't know that, we would have access to man 's dreams and fantasies !

    > > You can perform a behavior of which you are completely wild about, but
    > > for me it could stay death meat, what makes it different of the one
    > > mentioned above !?
    > >
    > That's where hooks come in; hooks work by exploiting the basic drives
    > of our common humanity and attempt to penetrate culturally (that is,
    > memetically) obtained individual filters whose job is to preserve the
    > memes to which they are attached by blocking the reception of possible
    > competitors. "There is no God but Allah" is such a filter.

    Same question here, why are those called hooks and why are others simply left behind, progressively set on the sideway so to speak !?



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