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Date: Sun 20 Oct 2002 - 18:04:25 GMT

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    Re: my quotation from the SEX entry in the Jargon File, Grant Callaghan <> asked:

    > That was all very interesting and entertaining, but I can't see
    > what it has to do with my proposal.

    "a transaction as expressed in ... Main Entry: trans·ac·tion ...
    ... an exchange or transfer of ..."

    e.g. an exchange or transfer of software (in the broadest sense of that term), i.e. Software EXchange

    > Was it the fact that I used the word "sexy" in my subject line?

    Adding provocative words to messages, especially to subject lines, is not unlike flowers displaying large brightly coloured targets to attract insect pollinators -- q.v. www.SocialTechnology.Org/MemeticFlowers.html.

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