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Date: Sun 20 Oct 2002 - 14:58:55 GMT

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    > Haplessly, there are those, publishers for instance, who pay in advance.
    > But, this is to an author who has otherwise proved productiveness and
    > salability. Giving an advance to Stephen King, say, versus giving _me_
    > an advance, just on my intention to write a horror novel. Established
    > patterns of performance are worthy, most times, of advance payment.

    A few years back the Belgium administrators were payed in advance ! Their lazyness and absentism is legendary !

    They changed all that due the public demand for action ! We couldn 't even pay our taxes on time anymore !

    In addition, this was a established right, written down in the law ! Due to the equally- principle of our constitution administrators are now payed at the end of the month, like those working in the pri- vate- sector.



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