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Date: Sun 20 Oct 2002 - 14:00:04 GMT

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    > Why do you insist upon forgetting the body? Your neural excitation
    > pattern is also the pattern of the muscles and limbs moving, and that
    > feedback to the brain- as you say "what matters is that their
    > interactions with their specific cortical environments facilitates the
    > performance." This is a required part of the meme, the fact that it is
    > being performed by a body, and this is a required part of your neural
    > patterns, the fact that the body is in motion.

    I can easily picture myself shufflin ' over the floor, exactly performing the dance I want, mentally, without moving a finger ! That within than, my body some aspects will be trigged is true, but than again no movements of the body are observed by an other and in my mind the mentally set up of moving is part of my mindset.

     There is a great deal of information, required information, coming from
    > the body during an action, and, unless this action is performed, all
    > mental rehearsal is just that, mental rehearsal. No performance, no
    > washee.

    In my mind I perform perfectly and I can picture myself perfectly the actions my body will make or take performing it_ all information is avaible, in the back of my head muscles are alarmed, neurons are fired in order to give me, mentally, a picture of what I am doing, mentally. The movent of my body is actually represented mentally in my mind.

    I hope I don 't break a leg though ! Would I wake up out of my dream sitting in a wheelchair !?



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