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Date: Sun 20 Oct 2002 - 13:42:27 GMT

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    > On Wednesday, October 16, 2002, at 02:18 , wrote:
    > > Thus by your excision of internalization you have cut off the
    > > possibility of memetic replication
    > Not at all.
    > The performance will strike a chord within me, and prompt me to
    > replicate it, but I am not possessed of the meme at any point, and until
    > I attempt to replicate it in behavior, I will only be contemplating its
    > utility.

    I don 't know Wade ! Your brain must work in overdrive ! Like it is written as above I conclude that about everything to see, hear, write down, etc you consciently contemplate its utility !? So seeing a play, hearing the words, feeling the mood, actually watch the actors moving over the podium will strike a chord but will it prompt you to replicate what you just saw !?

    I don 't see that happening, you will contemplate a few and some aspects of the contents and context and you will indeed be con- templating its utility in some way, but not all what you just have witnessed ! This strikes me of what Vincent is always opset about, that the media, whatever they are, are the reason why people act in strange seems to me, you lowered your front shields and let the Klingons takin ' over your mind !

    > I am only saying that, units of culture, called memes, _are_ behaviors.
    > They are not simply behavioristic, anymore than general human actions
    > are.

    Wouldn 't it than not be better to say that memes are represented as and into behaviors !?
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