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Date: Sun 20 Oct 2002 - 09:49:48 GMT

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    > Which is why the neural excitation pattern that accommodates the
    > performance of a certain behavior is memetically equivalent to the
    > neural excitation pattern that an observer internalizes, that allows them
    > to later perform a recognizably similar behavior (as two tokens of a
    > type), in spite of the fact that the neural excitation patterns are
    > somewhat differently in each brain; what matters is that their
    > interactions with their specific cortical environments facilitates the
    > performance of the selfsame (or similar enough to be replicative)
    > communicative behavior, and this is why they are memes (and not
    > performances of memes.

    Ok Joe, this sounds right to me, just one question ! What makes a pattern or whatever similar so that one is excitated by performing it and another by observing it !?

    What is in the meme that makes it in both occasions transferable, out of the brain and absorb by the other !?

    You can perform a behavior of which you are completely wild about, but for me it could stay death meat, what makes it different of the one mentioned above !?



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