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Date: Sun 20 Oct 2002 - 09:41:31 GMT

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    > On Wednesday, October 16, 2002, at 11:54 , wrote:
    > > A concept can be retooled, a speech can be rewritten or a
    > > melody can be recomposed in the mind (I can talk to myself, hear, and
    > > play tunes there if I try) before they are ever written down, spoken or
    > > sung.
    > But nobody's ever going to give a shit. And if no-one sees, hears, or
    > knows about your idea, it's not there. Is there such a thing as a meme
    > that is not there? Not in my book. It's either performed, or it's not.
    > Literally. Your idea is useless memetically until you perform the
    > behavior of expressing it.

    Wade, what about the sub- consciousness level of things !? Are there memes there, and if there were can 't we say those are memes which aren 't really there !? For all we know, there is no behavior attached to it !

    And what if those ' not- existing- memes ' do play a part in what Joe tells other people !? From our point of view no behavior is expressed, but Joe's actions/ behavior are well formed by those ! No !? We never heard, knew or did see the initial meme but it is inbedded in the way Joe expresses himself to other people !

    > Besides, how can I, or anyone else, know this 'idea' of yours unless you
    > behave it?

    Like I did mention above, in a sense you are right of course, you can 't ! Unless we know how memes are born and where we can 't know for sure, but that is not to say that ' not- existing- memes ( from our point of view) didn 't play a part in Joe's way of behaving ! Underneath the layer of existing memes there has to be a level of composing them, to use a phrase.




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