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Date: Sun 20 Oct 2002 - 09:03:47 GMT

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    I wrote,
    > > Lying before me I have an article claiming to have several
    > > explanations for it ! The history of the number 0, the fear of the
    > > vacuum, the death of the human being and the end of the universe.
    > > Leibniz and Heidegger tried to contemplate these matters...
    Joe wrote,
    > Each of those are "something"; that is, they are particulars, which are
    > different from other particulars.

    Right of course, the question is what nothingness or emptyness is when you need ' something ' or some ' matter' to talk about it ! Where is nothing, ' something ' can 't remain empty behind.

    Heidegger writes, " defining nothingness, thus saying what it is, is saying that it is something. " A picture of what nothingness is, is always inadequate because noone is able to do something into the infinite.

    In the other way round, science itself exist by what is know as nothingness. Just what exist is part of the inquiry and the rest is not. Science, says Heidegger ' runs away ', leaves behind a great and vague part of what exists. Science turns it back towards ' nothing ' in order to say something about ' something '.



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