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From: Philip Jonkers (
Date: Sat 19 Oct 2002 - 19:22:20 GMT

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    > When I look out on the lush lawn of the park I see a number of birds
    > around competing for crumbs of bread, etc. How do I know which ones to
    > robins, which to call crows, which to call pigeons, etc.? They are all
    > birds, but each type has distinguishing characteristics. Individual birds
    > also have distinguishing characteristics. So how can we distinguish memes
    > from other types of behavior and experience? What are the distinguishing
    > characteristics of a meme? If we can't find any, we can't do much with
    > concept. If we can't agree on what they are, it will be difficult to
    > them. So how do we go about deciding what the distinguishing
    > characteristics of a meme are?

    Here's one suggestion: a distinguishing characteristic of a meme from non-memes is that the former, unlike the latter, is being replicated (by non-genetic means for sake of quoting our great hero Richard Dawkins).


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