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From: Jeremy Bradley (
Date: Sat 19 Oct 2002 - 01:11:59 GMT

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    At 08:11 AM 18/10/02 -0700, you wrote:
    >>H(1a): bemes
    >>H(1b): meme-ories
    >>H(2): pink unicorns
    >>My stance: dunno
    >>BUT, am I the only one pondering H2 as a possibility?
    >Without memories, what would there be to transmit?
    I am with you on the meme-ories Grant (though that may not be much encouragement to you). What do you think of the story-ge of the memes in the meme-ory? How else can the memes be stored without asociated narratives? Do we transmit memes directly or are they linked to narratives? How else do we order, link or retrieve them? BTW my mother, who I look after, is in a break in her chemo-therapy this week so I'm goin' fishin' for a few daze with my grand-kids; I'll check y'r replies later. Jeremy

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