Fw: Are memes ideas?

From: Philip Jonkers (ephilution@attbi.com)
Date: Fri 18 Oct 2002 - 07:56:03 GMT

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    > Wade:
    > > In birdsong- is the bird aware another bird is listening? I'm not
    > > convinced, as we can do the 'turing' test with birds and pass. (We can
    > > make a machine that imitates birdsong.)
    > As far as I know the whole idea for the bird to sing it
    > to attract the attention of potential mates. I don't think
    > it's relevant to ask whether the bird thinks there is
    > a mate lurking out there or not, only the presence of the
    > bird's `wish' is what counts and propels the bird to sing.
    > If the bird's singing a lot it shows of its vigour and
    > good health, qualities the conjugate gender desires
    > for reproduction. Hence the Frank Sinatras among birds
    > again end up with the most chicks. As a side-effect, the more birds sings
    > the more they advertise their songs and
    > thus increase chances of memetic transmission
    > to susceptible birds (notably young wannabe
    > Frank Sinatra birds which most likely are of the
    > same species and gender).
    > Phil.

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