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From: Philip Jonkers (ephilution@attbi.com)
Date: Fri 18 Oct 2002 - 07:55:02 GMT

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    > Wade:
    > > But, if we can posit that genes _propagate_ as selfish genes indirectly,
    > > through agents, that is a problem. It is a problem setting up the
    > > rationale behind the genes' influence- making it something not
    > > intrinsically accidental or random or just along for the ride.
    > > Selfishness is a lamarckian attribute, even the benign selfishness of
    > > directed continuation that is at the heart of the Dawkins' metaphor.
    > > Selfishness is another name for a marker system uninfluentially- by
    > > indirections finding directions out, which is the process of life and
    > > evolution all themselves, wandering amongst mutations and environments
    > > until fits happen. We look back and see motives for the parts if we
    > > want, but we can just as easily see accidents and chance, especially if
    > > we look at all that didn't propagate.
    > Yep, although metaphores such as genes being selfish have their merit
    > in giving imaginative insight interpretational problems arise indeed
    > if these metaphores are taken literally. But I think we are aware of
    > that already...
    > Phil.

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