Fw: Are memes ideas?

From: Philip Jonkers (ephilution@attbi.com)
Date: Fri 18 Oct 2002 - 07:54:24 GMT

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    > Joe:
    > > Howzabout forbearance? You ceretainly cannot claim that the
    > > conscious decision not to engage in a behavior is itself a behavior, but
    > > teetotalers, nonsmokers, straights and celibates, among others, "do" it
    > > all the time. And they may communicate their convictions to others, but
    > > they are "practicing" them even when such communication is not
    > > occurring.
    > But you can *practise* celibacy as well as you can practise safe sex for
    > instance.
    > Both are examples of behavior I think, the only difference is that the
    > former is
    > indeed a behavior of forbearance while the other may be called a behavior
    > thoughtful action for all I know.
    > Phil.

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