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Date: Thu 17 Oct 2002 - 22:24:11 GMT

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    >No two persons ever read the same book. -Edmund Wilson, critic (1895-1972)
    Excellent quote Wade. The differences in cumulative life experiences will be brought to bear when two people read a book and thus they will read that book in different lights. Perhaps the book itself as it is typed upon the pages is the same, but the interpretation and encoding of the book in each person's nogginally distinct memory space will likely differ a tad, as bits and pieces will be stiched into disparately differentiated quilts or tapestries. Would the splotchy and ephemeral memory traces corresponding to reading said book have any great degree of similarity across individuals?

    Even if the understandings of said book do happen to converge, how similar would the encodings or neural states be across individuals? How could we know this either way?
    >And with this, I am off to sunny (that's the plan, anyway) Spain, for the
    >next two weeks. If any of youse are going to be in Barcelona next week, let
    >me know.
    Getting away from sunny Boston, eh?
    >And now you know why I was in such a hurry to pack it all in here so
    >Sorry if it annoyed.
    >Hell, though, it's a big room, no reason for hearing echoes.
    >- Wade

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