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Date: Thu 17 Oct 2002 - 19:54:47 GMT

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    > Aunger is consistent about identifying memes in terms of networks of
    > neurons. I'm not sure what he means by a configuration, nor am I sure
    > that he is sure. But he is fairly clear, elsewhere, that memes are
    > defined by function rather than structure. A state has certain
    > behavioral correlates, but its reproduction within one brain or within
    > another brain does not have to reproduce the same neuronal structure.

    For what it is worth,

    That sounds like Aunger is taking on a more individualistic view on memetics than a ' collective ' one ! My point of view exactly, memetics is bounded to individuality and therefore in a sense part of the humanistic level of nature. It holds within the sense of a bildung- ideal, not reproducing the same neuronal structure within one's brain holds differences and therefor individuality !

    > It is possible, I think, to represent such a meme as a network of
    > prototypical neurons and synapses, each of which plays a certain role or
    > performs a certain function, but which is realized differently in each
    > concrete instance. Such a network cannot be identified under the
    > microscope.

    Each situation asks for a different approach which is in terms complete different of those of other people, each ' slight- off ' / unbalance of what is memorized as a specific situation is followed by a slight- off, different solution resulting in a different behavior. My stance completely, we have to look at the individual, not at culture/ society as a whole.



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