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Date: Thu 17 Oct 2002 - 19:29:25 GMT

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    > Kenneth:
    > > > Therefore they denied that man was a product of his genes,
    > > > ancestors and his culture/ society...all could be changed by
    > > > proper learning and education... eugenics was just one manner
    > > > to accomplish that...
    > learning and education = culture, eugenics = genes. Isn't your statement a
    > contradiction in terms?

    I don 't think so, Phil ! They denied that all was fixed, that genes made it all happen without any possibility to change something. Eugenics stands for the possibility to change genes in order to get another and thus better result.

    In a sense you are right of course, learning etc are part of what is know as the natural sciences and not due to some Bildung- ideal ! In a way Schmitt and friends say that we musn 't be afraid to act like God ! Bataille writes, " fear is not something that lies ' before ' us, is not something that lies within something, but fear is IN us ".

    In a sense eugenics, in those days, would be applied to change people genetic built up to get them learn better ' the cultural aspects they needed to BE human ' ! Human according to German aspects of course !



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