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Date: Thu 17 Oct 2002 - 12:01:31 GMT

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    > If you're applying meme to mean any meaningful thing that a brain
    > does, then I don't see any value in this. Decisions about church attendance
    > or concert-going, are just that decisions. They're not memes unless carried
    > out, or articulated in some kind of way. If someone owns up to the priest
    > as to why they missed a service, then you, possibly, have the transmission
    > of a meme.

    Yeah - this is like confusing species and ecologies - they sort of overlap - my gut bacteria, while part of me, have an ecology, for example - and all multicellular orgs are rather fascistic ecologies of single cells (cells are even ecologies of organelles I suppose) but not really - certainly not the way that was meant.

    Actual realised behaviour (and even idealised imagined behaviour) is the product of meme interactions. Behaviours can themselves become memes, but I think they differ from real behaviour the way a picture differs from its subject. Oversimplifying a little, one could say that memes are not ephemeral, but behaviour is.

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