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Date: Thu 17 Oct 2002 - 11:18:10 GMT

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            <It makes no sense to say that Sunday churchgoers
    > reconvert to their faith once a week.>
            Actually the existence of such a ritual, and indeed the massive participatory decline in which has occurred in UK Churches over the years, does suggest that the repetition of ritual behaviours has been, and in places still is, regarded as a necessary practice to legitimately maintain a faith. Sitting at home watching TV doesn't "count".

            Homer Simpson springs to mind, constantly being reminded in church of what it was he was supposed to believe and how it was he was supposed to behave. Conversion might happen just once, but acts of conversation may become the routines of practice expected of true believers. (A bit like memeticists should probably recite 'O Dawkins, who art in Cambridge, Hallowed be thy meme')

            Could probably say more, but need to think about it otherwise I'll just blather on (even more) trivially.


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