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Date: Thu 17 Oct 2002 - 03:27:48 GMT

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    > It is both being formed by AND forming culture, in a coevolutionary
    > manner. Or rather, ideational memes are being formed by and forming
    > culture, via behavioral mediation.

    I like this paragraph. I like 'behavioral mediation'. It resonates with my cultural mitigation. Sides of the same coin, perhaps, and yet, heads and tails.

    Somehow both sides need to happen for the coin to be spent.

    And yet-

    > And the main power of memetic mentation is that a single meme can
    > facilitate all these multiple yet of necessity subtly differing
    > instantiations. It is a parsimony principle.

    - I still see no mechanism for this single meme as mentation. The necessity of the subtle differences I see as effects of behavioral and environmental performance by unique individuals, and the parsimony that model possesses by _not_ requiring a mentating process somehow subtly yet indefinably different from fairly understood perceptional and ideational processes, or the presence of some somehow identical thing somehow passed from brain to brain.

    Too many somehows in the mental model.

    I don't see any somehows in the behavior-only model, only almost limitless reams of hows, ready to go.

    - Wade

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