Re: electric meme bombs

From: Wade T.Smith (
Date: Wed 16 Oct 2002 - 22:53:39 GMT

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    Talking to myself....

    > I am declaring that no employer would pay someone for announcing that
    > he was about to do something, and then never doing it.

    Haplessly, there are those, publishers for instance, who pay in advance. But, this is to an author who has otherwise proved productiveness and salability. Giving an advance to Stephen King, say, versus giving _me_ an advance, just on my intention to write a horror novel. Established patterns of performance are worthy, most times, of advance payment.

    And, yes, there are retainers given to some professions, of course, but none of these are for _intention_, even stated intention, a meme in itself, alone.

    - Wade

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