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From: Wade Smith (
Date: Wed 16 Oct 2002 - 19:43:15 GMT

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    On Wednesday, October 16, 2002, at 02:58 , wrote:

    > it resides in you meme-ory

    Your performance of it does not.

    I do know the song, but have not performed it in many years. I do not consider my memory of it as a meme, in any way, as you know.

    I do consider the time I performed it with my children to be a meme. And if they remember it enough to perform it again, the meme will be replicated. But there is no meme in my head, and no 'meme-ory' (which is a nice little coinage, I think, to bolster the contention that memes are mental items) apart from the usual memory.

    Why is 'meme-ory' required by the meme-as-mental-item model?

    - Wade

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