Re: electric meme bombs

From: Wade T.Smith (
Date: Wed 16 Oct 2002 - 11:44:14 GMT

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    On Tuesday, October 15, 2002, at 09:46 , wrote:

    > You are actually attempting to pull a topsy-turvy, where the bahavior
    > becomes the meme and the mental configuration is the carrier. But
    > carriers are not modified or selected; memes are.

    Yep, topsy-turvy perhaps, but no meme can be modified (as they all must be) until it is observed, and in order to be observed, there has to be a performance.

    The selection only happens when the behavior is behaved.

    What's in the head _is_ the processing factory, the carrier, if you will, as we are all carriers of viruses in that way, but the meme itself is not there.

    It is what it is when it is, and then it is gone. The observer of it might then want to perform it again, and might do so. And so it goes.

    - Wade

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