Re: Bracing for Yucca Mountain's Nuclear Forever

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Sun May 26 2002 - 10:34:52 BST

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    From: Wade T.Smith <>
    > So, what's dangerous, even now, across all cultures on this isolated and
    > alone little orb?
    > Is there any one symbol that would work?
    > How about Munch's scream?
    > The photo of that vietmanese girl fleeing?

    Hi Wade,

    Hm, the symbol of fear for death itself !? That is something I believe to
    think that crosses all cultural bounderies, exceptions to the rule would be
    some obscure sekts and the Harakiri- stuff of Japan.

    Another possibility would be the picturing of the philosophical ' why- we-
    are- here question. Not that much dangerous enough I suppose, but I
    presume understandable for an intelligent species. That is too something
    that crosses cultural bounderies around the globe and it raises enough
    But in either case I can 't image a symbol which would picture it
    and would be understood by future cultures or future historical periods.

    OTOH, it must be understood even though the species which survives
    isn 't that smart, than Scotts skull and crossbones would suffice, although
    in some cultures magical powers are attached to them.
    Anyway, something to think about.



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