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Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 17:21:56 BST

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    From: Sadauskas, Leonard, CTR, OSD-C3I <>

    > I for one am not ready to change our language to accommodate the terror
    > warrior. Suicide is the act of killing oneself intentionally. When a
    > kills themselves for the purpose of killing others, that is homicide;
    > defined as killing one human by another human.

    Hi Len,

    Very true and I do agree up to a point.
    If I understand you correctly you have serious doubts that for any cause
    suicide bombing is the answer, like I said I agree to the point that even
    your ennemy disregard the fact that you should have reasons to blow him
    skyhigh !
    If eveything what you stand for, if everything what you are ( in every
    sense of the word possible) is ignored, that you were complete left out
    of any picture, that any part of your history were to be cleaned out,
    forgotten and blow to pieces, would you not react !?

    I too I am not eager to give the terror warrior a platform where he could
    spill his guts, but I try to understand him, and I think I do !
    That is not to say I agree with his actions but I can do understand his
    deeper reasons and for what deeper causes he blows himself up.
    The way by which he tries to get his message across may seem not to
    be the one we should choose, but try for once to stand in his shoes...
    We are talking here about people who are completely ignored, silenced
    by every mean possible, stripped from what it is to be human, stripped
    from what it is to be an individual with thoughts, ideas, plans,...

    And it is horrible to take < innocent > people with you in death, for
    any cause, but to make a statement sometimes it is necessary that the
    means surpass the intented goal.
    We are in a sense beyond the point that setting fire to yourself in the
    middle of a public place was enough to move people 's interest.

    The Palestinian struggle for independence is not " the same " like 30/
    40/ 50 years ago. The points of view of both the parties are polarized
    to the extreme, the goal must be seen in a complete different context,
    ( the interests of so many other parties do play now a role too) so in
    a way the means to accomplish this has to follow.
    Memetic evolution played its part in this, new ideas must be defended
    by a new set of arms, not only there is an " ideas race " going on, but
    also a " means race " .
    Retaliate with even greater force to every new ' mean ' is no solution,
    you have to take away the idea- bit.



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