Re: Boom! and you go to Heaven

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Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 02:41:54 BST

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    At 05:20 PM 21/05/02 -0400, you wrote:
    > > So suppose then that people are relatively easy lured into believing
    > > all kind of crazy stuff, as long as the promises are great enough
    > > to rationalize away any doubts regarding its truth content.
    > > This is precisely the vulnerable and sorry human trait that terrorist
    > > organizations eagerly tap into.
    >As do religious cults....hmmm, a combined religious cult/terrorist
    >organisation would be a double whammy. Now hwy has no one thought of that

    Hi Alan
    There are many cults and religions which fall outside of the normal
    definitions which are (IMHO) both religions and terror groups. All lure
    their followers into believing "into believing
    all kind of crazy stuff" which is based in "promises are great enough
    to rationalise away any doubts regarding its truth content".
    The cult of individuation oxymoronicly promises a cohesive and prosperous
    global society for example. The Religion of US industry backs up these
    promises of global development but denies the reality of the resulting
    climate change and the mayhem which will be the results of their economic
    terrorism. Jewish fundamentalist cults promise peace and stability in the
    ME through State terrorism and ethnic cleansing.
    The Cult of capitalism also encourages selective forgetting as a suitable
    companion to its lies. Dresden and Nagasaki were non military targets
    populated by hundreds of thousands of innocent Christians. The S11 deaths
    in the US are dwarfed by the death, atrocity and long-term effects of US
    nuclear tests on entire populations of Pacific peoples; a matter for which
    the US still refuses to offer compensation.
    Let us not forget that the Western Christian cults promised fallen
    Crusaders (members of terrorist organisations such as the Roman Church) a
    place in heaven, a facet of which lives on in the hearts of all soldiers
    regardless of which God they have on their side. Kamikaze pilots (the first
    to use planes as bombs against the US) were also told that they would go to
    heaven as a reward
    As Susan Blackmore suggests in The Meme Machine that altruism (along with
    just about everything else) does not actually exist - it may be just the
    by-product of a selfish meme.
    Yours, the amused lurker

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