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Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 01:43:37 BST

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    On Tuesday, May 21, 2002, at 04:28 , Steve Drew wrote:

    > The second point is
    > that, again from outside, religion seems to be about the individual in
    > the
    > puritan sense of the 'get off your backside and make something of
    > yourself'
    > England is the meek variety of love thy neighbour

    What happened to that 'stiff upper lip, old chap'?

    You see, I wanted to know what particular 'US view' you thought I was
    seeing out of. I would never tell you stop staring out from under the
    queen's skirts, even though you (as a nation) haven't as yet cut that
    cord, even symbolically.... All generalities are false.

    (Were I in the UK, I'd be a rabid anti-royalist. I'd also want to know
    why you've been wimping around and haven't gotten rid of those
    syphilitic parasites.... You'd see me ranting in Hyde Park.)

    I'll admit I personally am untraveled. And it is my own humble opinion
    that all foreign nations are seen from the outside by outsiders with a
    certain narrow lens. Only real travel can present one with the diversity
    of actual people in all cultures. And we all still fart and belch, under
    all flags.

    Is religion _not_ about the individual wherever it is? What is
    community? When does a gathering become a mob?

    Are we all reporters on the outside, and cogs on the inside? Where is
    the line?

    - Wade

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