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Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 00:37:33 BST

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    On Tuesday, May 21, 2002, at 06:29 , Scott Chase wrote:

    > With Wade living in Boston he probably has no aversions to a good cold
    > cup of coffee. Iced coffee is big in New England IIRC. I usually drink
    > coffee cold without milk or sugar.

    Over the years, I've had my share of tea- made properly, as my father is
    a decided anglophile, and I love tea pots- and improperly, with tea
    bags- and coffee, made in the arabic way (my favorite), the old usanian
    way, percolated, the filtered way, the hobo way.... Hot and cold. I'll
    have to say I've never had a taste for putting anything into tea, and I
    like both tea and coffee as strong as possible.

    Yes, iced coffee is very popular here- and it is usually taken with
    cream and sugar, and iced tea is usually served with sugar and lemon,
    although I'm particularly fond of iced coffee with chocolate milk.

    Anyway, I've also had lots of coffee cold simply because it's left over
    in the morning....

    I grew up drinking coffee milk, which is made with coffee syrup, so,
    blame my mother for my caffeine addiction.

    I've had iced tea made with sun-heated infused tea, very good it was.

    But, the magic drink here in New England is and remains hot chocolate,
    made, please, with real cocoa and sugar and whole milk. If you've seen
    Chocolat, the recent movie, you know how I make hot chocolate.

    - Wade

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