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Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 23:29:41 BST

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    >OK. I try to be a voice of sage wisdom on the 'Net. But there comes a time
    >IN IT. This is a heathenish and insidious notion. NOR SHOULD SUGAR EVER BE
    >PUT IN TEA. Tea should be drunk: by warming the tea brewing vessel with
    >water which is then discarded, tea leaves plopped in (NO aluminum eggy
    >thing) raw, and boiling water poured over the leaves if black tea, and
    >cooler water if green tea. Yes, yes, I know, water temperature is a bit
    >complicated than this, but I confess to being a barbarian and not having an
    >inclination to fiddle around with thermometers. Well, my UK friends are
    >probably back down to one or two. But tea-purity has been upheld.
    Hot tea? How barbaric. The most proper way to drink tea is iced in a tall
    glass with a wedge of lemon (sweetening optional). Sweetened in a mason jar
    is a decent variation. Iced tea is the only tea.

    With Wade living in Boston he probably has no aversions to a good cold cup
    of coffee. Iced coffee is big in New England IIRC. I usually drink coffee
    cold without milk or sugar.

    In my general disregard of social etiquette I really got some people roused
    up in a Japanese restaurant once when after taking a couple sips of
    unappealing sake I poured the rest into my soda. That tasted much better. I
    wonder how sake tastes in fruit juice. Would mixing sake with soda or juice
    be considered a faux pas in Japan?

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