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Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 16:46:05 BST

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    From: Lawrence DeBivort <
    All our behaviors, IMO, (and decisions and judgements) reflect our attempts
    to manifest our values. Choosing a suicide bombing isn't so much a choice
    of suicide as it is a matter of manifesting the bomber's values. The fact
    that suicide is dramatic draws out attention away from considering what the
    deeper values might be. Yet it is only when we understand what these values
    might be that we will understand WHY the 'suicide' bombing is done. And, I
    think, if we reflect on the nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it
    is not too difficult to see what some of the values might be.

    Hi Lawrence,

    Just an observation if I may,

    If it is only for us to understand what the values are where for suicide
    bombers kill themselves, and if those values are part of the Israeli- Pales-
    tinian conflict, and in reflect that the Israeli don 't give a sh... about
    values of the Palestinians why are the Palestinian suicide bombers kee-
    pin ' this kind of dramatic way up !?
    IOW, if they are trying to get our attention why bombin ' Israeli's and
    not us for that matter !?

    I hope you understand the twist and turn of this, but IMO, if the suicide
    bombings will continue, Israel is never gonna relfect on any Palestinian or
    for that matter on any Israeli value concerning humanrights,... or on any
    deeper one !
    I know, in the past the Palestinians did indeed get our attention, by hy-
    jacking airplanes etc, but IIRC always some * Israeli's* were involved
    ( buildings, people, planes, embassy's,...), never Palestinians attacked
    ' innocent ' people like you and me.

    Would that change the way of things if they did !?
    We, in a sense, know/ understand the " WHY " question....



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