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    Hi Kenneth and Vincent.

    I think the Experiment is good but it is not possible to compare with
    Zimbardo's. The main point is that Zimbardo's expt was conducted on 18 to 21
    year olds. Some of the ones in the new one were well beyond that and so have
    a different world view. Still it is interesting and I shall watch to see
    what happens.



    > Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 20:42:41 +0200
    > From: "Kenneth Van Oost" <>
    > Subject: Re: The Experiment
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    > From: Vincent Campbell <>
    >> Using my web-access here, so don't know if this'll get through or
    >> Anyway, following Steve's reminder I've been watching 'The Experiment' a
    >> repeat of the zimbardo prison experiment from the 1970s. It has been
    >> fascinating TV, and I feel shows how reality TV can have its moments (when
    >> prize money, or hoped for fame, isn't a factor).
    >> For those who can't see the show yet, so far almost the reverse has
    > happened
    >> to what happened in Stanford. The 'guards' have totally failed to exert
    >> control and authority, and the 'prisoners' have been in charge since about
    >> day 2, when on prisoner over-looked for "promotion" to being a guard
    > decided
    >> at that moment to play mind games with the guards, with lots of success.
    > Hi Vincent, all,
    > Yes, I can see the show in Belgium, nice stuff.
    > But the reverse effect is no surprise to me though !
    > It clips perfectly together with what mankind ( Western that is) evolved
    > in to_ individualition, tolerance, the dislike of what power stands for, etc
    > had their influence. IMO, of great ( memetic) importance !
    > In 30 years, lets say in one generation, people, their memes
    > changed. But nevertheless, the battle between good and bad, as shown
    > on the BBC, changed over time in favour of the good.
    > If that is a ' good ' point, we 'll see !
    > Regards,
    > Kenneth

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