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    From: Steve Drew <>
    I don't buy the altruistic tack in Evo Psych. I can accept the argument that
    males will do very silly and or dangerous things to mate, thatıs no
    Where I have trouble with this argument is that people can knowingly plan
    their own deaths. You don't produce many kids if your dead. Secondly, the
    argument only concerns itself with males, despite the increasing incidence
    of female suicide bombers. Unless of course you stretch the argument to
    suggest they are reacting in some way to a threat to their future children!
    :-) It's hard science when the theory fits the facts.

    Hi Patrick, Steve,

    Just buzzin ' in,

    About those female suicide bombers, this is not a joke, I asure you !

    The question has been raised in Islamitic circles what will be the reward
    for such acts !?
    Males will get 70 or was it 72 virgins to play with when they enter
    but what will the girls get !? More of the same !? Very doubtful !
    The anwser, if that is one to consider, is that the females will change sex,
    become thus males, and will get their virgins ! A little price to pay !
    The Islamitic world is not that keen to grant 70 chippendales to each
    female suicide bomber, tradition still stands....

    Honestly, they don 't what to do with female suicide bombers, but even
    said that, her family, males and females will get the respect of the
    ty they live in.
    The real answer to this question can 't be found in any islamitic text, yet
    We must wait to see with what they come up next.....




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