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    >Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 11:57:38 +0100
    >One of the founders made the connection years ago.
    >Gell-Mann, M. (1996) Address to the US National Defence University " In the
    >case of societal evolution, the schemata consist of laws,
    >customs, myths, traditions, and so forth. The pieces of such a schema are
    >often called "memes," <>
    >If Price
    >Facilities Management Graduate Centre
    >Sheffield Hallam University
    >Unit 7 Science Park
    >Sheffield S1 1WB
    My God, Price, I've never read anything that so nearly reflected my own
    views on just about everything as Murray-Gellman's speech listed above.
    Thanks for putting that on the list. He says elegantly what I've been trying
    so poorly to put into words since I joined this list.


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