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    Although it never mentions the words "meme" or "memetics," I found the
    following article at the Santa Fe Institute both interesting and applicable.
      Others may disagree. I don't mind in the least. It mentions tools I
    think may be applied to the field of memetics although the author does not
    narrow the application that much.


    A New Factor in Evolution

    By J. Mark Baldwin
    SFI book list

    The original paper appeared in The American Naturalist 30 (June 1896):
    441-451, 536-553.

    This paper is reprinted in Adaptive Individuals in Evolving Populations:
    Models and Algorithms, edited by R. K. Belew and M. Mitchell (SFI Studies in
    the Sciences of Complexity, Proc. Vol. XXVI, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA,


    In several recent publications I have developed, from different points of
    view, some considerations which tend to bring out a certain influence at
    work in organic evolution which I venture to call "a new factor." I give
    below a list of references to these publications and shall refer to them by
    number as this paper proceeds.[1] The object of the present paper is to
    gather into one sketch an outline of the view of the process of development
    which these different publications have hinged upon.

    The problems involved in a theory of organic development may be gathered up
    under three great heads: Ontogeny, Phylogeny, Heredity. The general
    consideration, the "factor" which I propose to bring out, is operative in
    the first instance, in the field of Ontogeny; I shall consequently speak
    first of the problem of Ontogeny, then of that of Phylogeny, in so far as
    the topic dealt with makes it necessary, then of that of Heredity, under the
    same limitation, and finally, give some definitions and conclusions.

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