Re: Memetic Influence on Evolution

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Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 09:26:25 BST

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    > It's called "A New Kind of Science" and is reviewed by Ray Kurzweil on
    > No one has mentioned the book as applicable to
    > but I noticed that one area it looks at is an application to biology and
    > another area is complexity. This leads me to believe that it may also be
    > used to attack the complexity of memetics.

    FWIW this is where I came from into memetics, ie the algorithms that are
    commonly grouped in the emerging discipline of Artificial Life or A-Life.

    Cellular automata can generate sustainable self organising patterns based on
    very simple rules and Wolfram is on about this in great detail. Another type
    of algorithm common in A-Life is the genetic algorithm, which breeds for
    fitness under given conditions. What I like about all this is that its a
    hard science that allows pre-calculable and reproducible insight, the trick
    is to blend it into the learnings of softer sciences like Sociology,
    Economics, Org. Behaviour etc to make it predictive.

    I see huge parallels between the rules that govern the operation of these
    algorithms, and the way memes could work. There is alreasy quite an overlap
    of all this into the emerging field of memetic algorithms.

    Apologies if y'all knew all this, it wasn't clear from these posts.



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