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Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 14:07:33 BST

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    Subject: Re: pls direct me to a memetics list <eom>

    > Hi Ray
    >that sub heading.
    > I agree.
    > >
    > > Variation is a good topic. A discussion of the different ways that
    > > variation is introduced in memetic systems would be interesting.
    > Pure
    > > random variation is not even seen in genetics, but memes seem to get
    > > varied using a number of different mechanisms.
    > I thought that the calculations for the 'Eve theory' were based upon
    > the
    > idea that there was some random variation in the mitochondrial DNA?

    That was an overly broad statement on my part. I probably should have
    said MOST of the variation. I was thinking in terms of higher level large
    segment manipulation of DNA through crossing-over and jumping genes. I
    don't think crossing over occurs in mitochondria but I'm not sure about
    jumping genes.

    > Secondly, what part does radiation play if not random variation.?
    The key is the word 'random'. While some variation in memes comes about
    because of purely random errors in reproduction, I think we can say that
    much more of it comes about through more directed variation. So for
    example if someone gave you a new wrench that was improved by having a
    better gripping surface and you wanted to improve it you would be more
    likely to introduce additional variation in the gripping surface rather
    than painting smiley faces on it.

    I like to think of this as directed pre-reproductive variation and
    selection. Others have referred to it as 'Lamarckian'.

    Ray Recchia

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