RE: Memetic Influence on Evolution

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Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 03:01:49 BST

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    >Alas, academe -- especially among we political scientists -- is much
    >enthralled with offering quick sound bites and getting on the Lehrer
    >Newshour. Fukuyama has set himself up at the Scool of of Advanced
    >International Studies (Johns Hopkins Univ) in Washington, and has fallen
    >harder than most for this lure...

    The deeper I got into Fukuyama's book, the more boring it seemed and the
    more behind in thinking about the implications of what's going on in the
    fields of genetics. He acts as if he never heard of memetics. He was still
    reprising Freud and huxley and made the world of the future seem like a
    script based on Brave New World. He didn't even bring up the man/machine
    interface or nanotechnology in what I've read so far and he foresees
    governments trying to legislate morality for the scientific community. To
    me he seems as wrong this time out as he was the last time. The funny part
    is, if I had only read the blurbs and chapter titles I would have thought he
    was pretty much on target. It was only in the reading itself that I came to
    the conclusion that he really didn't have much to say that hasn't been
    hashed out by others before him. And his conclusions sound like he never
    left the 20th century.



    P.S. Have you heard about Stephen Wolfram's new book? From what I've read
    about it, it shows a lot of promise for the subject of memetics.

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