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    ><< Yeah, the latest news on that is that Egypt, Saudi- Arabia and Syria
    >try to make a deal, settling for peace if Israel hands over pieces of land
    >the Palestinians. Probably Sharon will spoil it down the drain....
    If Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't spoil it for Sharon first. From what I could
    see on CNN coverage earlier and looking at the recent AP wire reports things
    are happening in the Likud party that are almost too strange for words. I
    thought Sharon was a hardliner, but Netanyahu is apparently posturing
    himself for a major challenge of Sharon for control of the party and for the
    prime minister position. The oddest thing is that Netanyahu's challenge to
    Sharon comes over a vote in Likud to oppose eventual establishment of a
    Palestinian state, an issue Netanyahu is taking a harder line on than
    Sharon. It looks like Sharon has been stymied as a result of the voting.

    With the infighting of the hardliners coming to a boil one wonders how the
    idea sets of Eretz Israel and Peace Now (Shalom Acshav) will square off in
    the future and what will eventually come of any future peace process.

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