Re: pls direct me to a memetics list <eom>

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 10:18:16 BST

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    From: Tom Potocki <>

    > can anyone direct me to a list where people
    > ***actually*** discuss memetics? (i am starting to
    > suspect this isnt the place).

    Hi Tom,

    I understand your POV, but we do actually discuss memetics here you
    know !
    Maybe you are in for some theoretical discussion on how memes pro-
    pagate, evolve or come into being, be our guest please, we will respond.
    Like, I think it was Vincent, wrote some time back a similar post, the
    people on this list start from their own field of experience/ interest and
    we often drift from the intentional thread, but memes are at work !

    Like the mails Scott and I send to this list, we discuss not only politics
    but do in fact explore how Sharon, Israel and the world, and thus how Scott,
    you and I think, evolve and behave.
    In a way, your posting to this list makes one thing clear, your memes are
    at work and some defense- systems alarmed you that something is
    wrong. Nothing is, by the way, it is just that your memes give you and
    therefor themselves another angle to look at things, what I understand.

    Memes can be different things, strands of cultural info; an existing code;
    an idea that thinks for itself; an idea that has replicated atleast once;...
    they can be a special class of creativity- creations, they can have crea-
    tivity potential, something that can/ may/ should fit into a culture,...
    If memes can be all of that or all of that together, than yes discussions
    about politics, language, etc... are important. It is just that everyone
    for him- or herself must drawn the consequencies or the points of inte-
    rests he/ she needs for his/ her own analyse(s).

    Personaly I use memetics a lot in my work, it helps me to understand
    the people I work with better, and from time to time, like I already
    mentioned on this lust I * misuse * what I know for my own benefit.
    That too is memetics....

    In what part of memetics are you especially interested in !?
    Hope this helps though !




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