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Date: Sat May 11 2002 - 20:47:54 BST

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    From: Scott Chase <>
    > As for legislation, one probably cannot legislate racism out of existence
    > people's minds, but at least laws should pertain to overt behavior that
    > crosses some line of intolerance and violence towards others.
    > A possible problem that could arise with laws or censure against
    > anti-Semitism (reasonable laws should be in place BTW given the horrid
    > history of hatred towards Jewish people) is when these laws go so far as
    > be used as a weapon against those who are critical of Israeli policy.
    > Anti-semitism is hatred of Jewish people and should be censured and laws
    > should be in place to deal with overt actions taken against Jewish people
    > based on anti-Semitic bigotry.
    > Anti-Semitism is not rational criticism of Isreali politics or not being
    > supportive enough of Israel against its detractors. That's a crucial
    > distinction. I wouldn't call Chomsky an anti-Semite, even if he's more
    > critical of Israel than I could be. *I* can read Sharon's autobiography
    > actually have some empathy for the guy in places, misgivings aside. He is
    > fellow hawk after all, unlike Chomsky, though I'd side with Chomsky on
    > criticisms of Israeli policies.

    Hi Scott,

    Agreed, but somewhere down the line, IMO you just can 't seperate
    the man from his political thoughts, behavior and acts !
    Somewhere down that line they will meet, and the fact that Sharon is
    a Jew defending his country in the ways he does sets the spiral of violence,
    hate, intolerance and critisism in motion, despite the fact of what happe-
    ned with the Jews in WO II and jst because of that fact !
    Those things are interlinked and people just don 't understand how
    Israel can act in the ways it does !

    I can 't see to which point it is able to seperate Sharon the Jew/ Israeli
    from the man he really is; or do you think that he is someone like those
    Nazi- brutes, killing people of in the daytime and playing the piano in
    the evening like nothing happened !?

    And in context of this thread, he is not really speaking a future language,
    is he !? IMO, Sharon and the Israeli government is just doing what all
    of the people are thinking of the Jews in general, that may be based upon
    prejudice I agree, but nevertheless, for the cause they are scoring no
    points at all. On the contrary, the more they will act like they do, the
    more the people(s) will hate them ! People just don 't understand how
    it is possible that a people like the Jews, who suffered so much through-
    out history can act like they do now....

    And the fact, like in my country, that laws are being used to prevent an
    anti- Israeli- protest don 't help them any further either, especially now
    that it seems that Israel have a lot to say about the way we in Belgium
    have openly critised their behavior towards the Palestinians !
    I ask you, who do they think they are !? Not only, we get silenced by
    our own laws to be critical, we are judged by Israel if we do afterall !
    Israel itself accused us of being anti- semitic and if we dare to respond
    we are accused of helping out the palestinian terrorists/ to be supportive
    to the Palestinian cause. Who 's the brute !?




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