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Date: Sat May 11 2002 - 19:52:45 BST

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    From: Vincent Campbell <>

    > And I guess the guy who killed him thought he was saving the world from
    > another fascist, but may instead have created a martyr whose party may now
    > do better in the election as a result.
    > Still, the whole incident occurring in Holland really does mean we're
    > in... interesting times (as the old threat goes).

    Hi Vincent,

    Yes it is a very interesting time and a very interesting case indeed.
    From my POV this boils down to the notion of ' memes at work ', though.

    Pim Fortuyn, as well as his muderer expressed their deep innate individual
    feelings and we should be grateful they did.
    Racism, intolerance, fascism or whatever negative to be may be not so
    political correct, they are expessions of someone's individualism, and in
    a sense of someone 's memes. Those notions, like Philip points out, are
    in a way innate, and so, damn what people are, what people think or
    act upon !

    And yes, the murderer thought he killed for the good cause, and in his
    mind he did, there was no doubt !
    And yes, we should be worried if all of the people would express them-
    selves in the same ways Fortuyn and his murderer did, but in my mind
    that boils down to the core of memetics_ we in a sense, I hope, can
    explain in a way why those two acted like they did, there may be no
    reasons for us to see, but atleast we can understand this theoretically.

    And no, there is no reason to bann racism, intolerance... out of the pic-
    ture. Like in Belgium with the Dutroux case, like in England with the
    death of Lady Di, in Holland the murder of Fortuyn made the people
    once again ,even it is for a short while ( and it will be just that, I don
    really think much will be changed) believe in themselves.

    Although, with the election next week,... the LPF can win it, but it
    can 't keep the ' powers ' in place, IMO. The bias they seek to replace
    is yet to strong. If the LPF can move like it wants and those powers
    counterattack, like they would/ should, I think Holland is in for some

    Racism,... are just part of the human nature, you can try to control it,
    but as it is often in such cases, our social and cultural institutions
    as well restrain our competitive and ' agressive ' tendencies.
    In a way, politics must find ways to deal with those, instead of finding
    ways to solve the " insecurity- feelings " people have. Those things
    are linked !
    In a way, they must learn the language of the people they try to govern,
    something obviously they didn 't and don 't, and IMO, never will !
    ( I have somewhere an article on this, I will try to find it...)




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