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    In a message dated 5/10/2002 7:02:24 PM Central Daylight Time,
    Scott Chase <> writes:

    > When I think of what "white power" groups stand for "racism" probably fits
    > the bill, though bigotry or prejudice could be better words if one thinks
    > terms of racial lines being blurry and artificial. Nonetheless the hate
    > groups stand for "white supremacy" which is based on the mythos of a
    > race" and as far as that goes they are indeed racist groups.
    > If one were to review the history of civil rights in the "deep south" of
    > United States they would probably think that, at least in this case,
    > "racism" applies however artificial racial constructs are. The racists are
    > setting the defining lines, so they are racist, whether "race" *per se*
    > actually exists.

    Good point, Scott.

    Similarly, people can be considered as Satanists regardless whether
    or not a Satan really exists.

    The book chapter "Evolutionary Contagion in Mental Software"
    that I announced previously has some material on the
    evolutionary contagion of racist ideologies, including "white
    supremacy," "Aryan supremacy," and anti-Semitism. Shortly
    after I announced the chapter to the memetics list, my
    computer receiving blank emails every minute for several
    hours (an email bomb.) I don't know if it was from the Aryan
    Supremacist, the Enraged Academic, or just a computer
    executing a self-replicating mistake. Luckily, email bombs
    are not as dangerous as snail mail bombs!

    --Aaron Lynch

    > As for legislation, one probably cannot legislate racism out of existence
    > people's minds, but at least laws should pertain to overt behavior that
    > crosses some line of intolerance and violence towards others.
    > A possible problem that could arise with laws or censure against
    > anti-Semitism (reasonable laws should be in place BTW given the horrid
    > history of hatred towards Jewish people) is when these laws go so far as
    > be used as a weapon against those who are critical of Israeli policy.
    > Anti-semitism is hatred of Jewish people and should be censured and laws
    > should be in place to deal with overt actions taken against Jewish people
    > based on anti-Semitic bigotry.
    > Anti-Semitism is not rational criticism of Isreali politics or not being
    > supportive enough of Israel against its detractors. That's a crucial
    > distinction. I wouldn't call Chomsky an anti-Semite, even if he's more
    > critical of Israel than I could be. *I* can read Sharon's autobiography
    > actually have some empathy for the guy in places, misgivings aside. He is
    > fellow hawk after all, unlike Chomsky, though I'd side with Chomsky on
    > criticisms of Israeli policies.

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