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    Greetings, Grant,

    Do you see globalization -- the increasing mixing of people in work,
    residence and mating -- as diminishing the distinctions that separate people
    along the lines you describe?


    > I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about the use of the
    > term racism.
    > People of different cultures have natural preferences that
    > favor their own
    > culture that have nothing to do with race and everything to do with the
    > memes they have inherited in the form of language and religion and who is
    > good and who is bad. People who don't understand our language
    > and customs
    > are thought of as barbarians in almost every culture I have
    > encountrered in
    > the world. But from a racial point of view, what are the racially
    > distinguishing features of protestants and Catholics in Northern
    > Ireland?
    > What racial features separate Serbs and Croats? How are the Flemmish
    > racially different from the French? And yet you have the same
    > hatreds and
    > prejudice between each of these groups as you have between black
    > and white
    > or Asian and black. The mainstream Japanese are prejudiced against the
    > Ainu, the Hindu is prejudiced against the Muslim, and the Hindus
    > themselves
    > are diveded into castes that act toward each other the same way
    > whites act
    > toward blacks in South Africa. People will always find ways to look down
    > their noses at other groups and divide themselves into people and
    > barbarians. It is a fact of human nature and I have no doubt that it is
    > genetically built into us because it is so universal among the
    > human race.
    > I don't know of a single culture that doesn't have some other
    > culture it can
    > look down upon. And usually, race has little or nothing to do with the
    > feeling. Culture is by far the most divisive feature of war and
    > separation.
    > We often refer to that as racism, but it's not. It's cultural division
    > and plain old human nature and not likely to be legislated out of
    > existence.
    > Grant

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