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Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 18:55:24 BST

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    Hi Phil:

    > > > The less languages around the less potential confusion will be brought
    > > > about by people trying to communicate as the probability increases
    > > > that they speak the same language.

    > > The tyranny of utilitarianism.

    > If you wish. I'd like to regard it inherent and typical to evolutionary
    > processes.

    Utility is typical of evolution but certainly not inherent to it, as the panda's thumb demonstrates.

    You're approaching life from the outside. Any physical system can be comprehended according to its mechanics. For instance, a rotting corpse can be understood entirely in the light of universal, physical principles. To be alive is to operate according to intrinsic principles. Life is intrinsically meaningful.

    > Life is an expression or manifestation of solar-induced energy that
    > happens to exists because of favorable conditions here on earth. Life is
    > equally superfluous as it is spontaneous.

    Life is self-expression. There's no physics of the self. It's hard to make measurements and equations when the only number you've got is one.


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