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Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 16:16:23 BST

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    Dear Trupeljak,

    > First, just because you don't see much loss in subsistence living etc,
    > that does not mean at all that there actually *isn't* a loss.

    'Subsistence' puts a certain slant on things. It might better apply to
    the slum dweller than the forest dweller. They might not have cell
    phones, cars, or TV far up the Orinoco, but they might have little use
    for them, either. :-) One measure of wealth is leisure. By that measure
    most 'savages' are wealthier than most captains of industry.

    > Second, ask any anthropologist why do tribal people (having a
    > subsistence life) so rarely abandon it, even under extreme pressure
    > from outside? Seriosuly, ask that - it might enlighten you a bit about
    > our own way of life.

    One of the curious facts of the U. S. frontier (even when that frontier
    was near the Atlantic Ocean) concerns captured (kidnaped, adopted)
    children. Given the chance to return home, it was the rare native child
    who preferred not to do so, and it was the rare Caucasian child who
    preferred to do so. Many returned Caucasian children ran away to their
    adoptive Indian tribes.

    Now the cultural judgement of children does not mean as much as that of
    adults, perhaps, but adults of any culture prefer their own, as a rule.
    Children provide a swing vote. ;-)



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