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Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 07:05:07 BST

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    --- Philip Jonkers <> wrote:
    > Ozren:
    > > IMO, this is a major memetic extinction, right there. I really want
    > to
    > > see how you can explain calling widespread destruction of cultures
    > and
    > > associated memetic contents, as "evolution".
    > Allow me. Evolution knows three elements: variation, retention and
    > selection.
    > The latter implies a redundancy of that what has to be selected. That
    > is,
    > there are too many entities running for selection. This is where
    > extinction
    > kicks
    > in, a fate beset on those entities who don't make it to be selected.
    > Phil.
    Your argument is invalid.
    It doesn't work if a catastrophic event destroys most of the genetic
    material needed for variation in the first place. What we are talking
    about is not a selective pressure on some culutures/languages - it is a
    universal destruction of a huge number of cultures/languages done for
    the short term economic profit of a few. Yes, after long enough time,
    we are bound to have a bunch of new languages/cultures. Since cultures
    seem to evolve a order of magnitude (at least) faster than biological
    systems, we are bound to get to the current diversity level in a few,
    what, tens of thousands of years?
    Of course, this is asuming that historical trends in the rate of
    culture change do not break in near future.
    I think that what is happening today is a huge loss. Since I come from
    one of those "small insignificant and obsolete" language/culture
    groups, you could say that I am subjectively biased.

    There are very few men - and they are exceptions - who are able to think and feel beyond the present moment.

    Carl von Clausewitz

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