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Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 19:58:44 BST

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    Dear Alan,

    > There are also no more Shakers, ergo their memes have also died
    > (except if you believe in furniture as meme replicators to IKEA and the
    > like)

    That is an unwarranted assumption. After all, one basic idea of memes is
    that they are not confined to their original adherents or their
    descendants. The Socialist Party has always been on the fringe in the U.
    S., but, as I understand, their 1898 platform was eventually enacted
    into U. S. law. :-) I do not know enough about the Shakers or history to
    be able to trace their influence, but I would be surprised if some
    Shaker memes are not alive and well. Voluntary simplicity has many
    adherents today, and may stem, in part, from the Shakers.



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